BugHub for Mac is now open source!

Nearly seven months after the original launch of BugHub for Mac, I've decided to release the source under a liberal MIT license. Many people have reached out to me asking if I am still working on BugHub or what the future of BugHub is. I've tried for the last few months to put some honest time into adding features, but it's time to face the facts: a full time job makes it very difficult to continue side projects. Since BugHub is not a free product and so many people love it, I've decided it's time to let other people continue developing it.

Although I might not have enough time to put forth writing new features I'll be continuing BugHub in the true spirit of open source. Over time I hope to see a new lead developer take over naturally who will get direct commit access. Until then, I can't wait to accept your pull requests.

What about the app store version?

I'm leaving BugHub on the app store for now available for $0.99 to cover the cost of keeping a developer account.

How can I help?

Do you have a feature you've always wanted? Go build it! Are you a designer who wants to contribute ideas? Please, share them!

BugHub was a learning project for me and I hope it can be a learning project for someone else too! If you have any questions about anything I'm most easily reachable on Twitter.

Fork it!

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